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  1. Bracket 1 – General Rules

    [1.1] – You must have a functioning microphone to join the server. Typing is for Out Of Character only. Typing for roleplay purposes is strictly prohibited. [1.2] – You may not advertise other servers in anyway. Breaking this rule will result in a ban. [1.3] – Discrimination, be it racist, sexist or other, is prohibited. This includes roleplay. [1.4] – Names must not be offensive or intentionally complicated. [1.5] – If a situation arises that needs sorting out do not clog side chat. Either attempt to talk it out on teamspeak, or take it to the forums if needs be. [1.6] – Threats outside of roleplay are strictly prohibited. Breaking this rule will result in a ban. [1.7] – Encouraging another user to break a server rule will have you face the consequences of the rule in question. [1.8] – Staff have the final say. If you believe a punishment unfair or a staff member abusive, report it to the forums. [1.9] – Modifications to your game or a disabled battle-eye will result in you being kicked.
  2. Bracket 2 – Roleplay Rules

    [2.1] – You are required to stay in character at all times. Breaking roleplay (Unless asked to do so by an admin) is against the roleplay ethic of the server and is prohibited. [2.2] – You cannot identify a person by name unless it is given to you in a roleplay situation. [2.3] – You may identify police by rank but not by name unless it is given to you. [2.4] – If a situation arises where your radio has been confiscated (Hostage/Detained) you must cease communications. [2.5] – You must not create situations that are impossible with game mechanics. Examples being, declaring you smell drugs or holding a gun against someone’s head in a vehicle. [2.6] – You may not log out in the midst of roleplay. This will be classed as Roleplay-logging.
  3. Bracket 3 – Combat Rules

    [3.1] – You may not kill another player without establishing a roleplay situation. You may kill if you are fired upon. Killing without roleplay will be classed as RDM. [3.2] – While we have a script that disables various forms of VDM, using a vehicle as a weapon in anyway is strictly forbidden, but ramming armoured vehicles is allowed if there is reason behind it. [3.3] – You may not restrain without roleplay or reason, nor may you do it in the midst of combat. [3.4] – You may not disconnect in the midst of combat. This will be classed as combat-logging. [3.5] – Upon dying, you must not visit your death location for 15 minutes. [3.6] – You don’t remember the circumstances of your death. [In roleplay] [3.7] – You must never kill a medic. However you can order them not a revive another player. (Provided you killed the player directly)
  4. Bracket 4 – Police Rules

    [4.1] – Police must initiate roleplay before conducting an arrest or punishment unless fired upon. [4.2] – Police may not use lethals in a designated green zone unless the suspect has run into one. [4.3] – When not responding to an emergency police must follow speed limits. [4.4] – Police mustn’t exceed the maximum penalty for a crime. [4.5] – Police may not use execution as a punishment. [4.6] – Unarmed negotiators cannot be taken hostage by Rebels or detained by Police. [4.7] – Police may never sell any police equipment to civilians or rebels. [4.8] – Police officers must never commit crime when off duty.
  5. Bracket 5 – Medic Rules

    [5.1] – Medics should never be robbed, killed or taken as hostages. [5.2] – Medics are forbidden to revive during the midst of combat. [5.3] – Medics must not revive a player if instructed to leave by the killers. [5.4] – Medics must not sell equipment to civilians. [5.5] – Theft of Medical property is not just illegal, but against the rules. [5.6] – Medics should never act on favouritism but rather duty and command.