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Once our donation goal is met, every single player (all donators and non-donators) on the server receives 50% off all weapons and vehicles for the rest of that month.

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CM Payzard

Bracket 1 – General Rules

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[1.1] – You must have a functioning microphone to join the server. Typing is for Out Of Character only. Typing for roleplay purposes is strictly prohibited.

[1.2] – You may not advertise other servers in anyway. Breaking this rule will result in a ban.

[1.3] – Discrimination, be it racist, sexist or other, is prohibited. This includes roleplay.

[1.4] – Names must not be offensive or intentionally complicated.

[1.5] – If a situation arises that needs sorting out do not clog side chat. Either attempt to talk it out on teamspeak, or take it to the forums if needs be.

[1.6] – Threats outside of roleplay are strictly prohibited. Breaking this rule will result in a ban.

[1.7] – Encouraging another user to break a server rule will have you face the consequences of the rule in question.

[1.8] – Staff have the final say. If you believe a punishment unfair or a staff member abusive, report it to the forums.

[1.9] – Modifications to your game or a disabled battle-eye will result in you being kicked.

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