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Once our donation goal is met, every single player (all donators and non-donators) on the server receives 50% off all weapons and vehicles for the rest of that month.

CC Ivan [KV867]

Compensation Request

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We are truly sorry you feel the need to type out an in-game compensation request, this community is run by gamers and we know exactly how annoying and frustrating it can be to be out of pocket, especially when it perhaps isn't your fault!


So please help us by reading the below and following so we can help you as fast as we can.

Here are the things we accept as a valid compensation request:

VDM/RDM (Please link your player report thread - We need evidence to process) 

Robbed in the Greenzone ( Please link your player report thread - We need evidence to process) 

Client Desync ( Example: Someone desynced into you) Hackers (Please state date & time)

Arma Issues ( Random Deaths / Glitching / Flying in the air / Random Explosions)

Y/T Menu items ( Processed Gold / Drugs / Clams / Oil / Salt / Copper etc)

Unannounced restarts

...and here are the things we are unable to compensate:

Housing Storage Boxes ( Completely at your own risk - Most peoples are 'trouble free') Anything stored in storage ( Again at your own risk ) 

Houses/Garages (They auto-expire after 60 days of not logging on)

Requests of under £100K when you have more than 1 million in your account.

User Error ( You accidentally pressed the wrong button or you jumped out a window)

Client Issues ( Your Arma 3 crashed - This is your own responsibility)


Request Compensation Here




Management Team

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